Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait Game is Over

As of Saturday night my boys were back in my arms again and we were loving every minute. John Smith and I got word that his ship would not be deploying early so we decided to go get the boys from Tally. Meeko was so excited to see us and just watching his face light up made it worth the drive. Flit was excited to see us to but he really just wanted to eat dinner. It was very obvious to all that the boys had been sufficiently loved and spoiled by Geegee and Gedaddy.

We had to return home early Sunday morning so that John Smith could come back to do a car wash fundraiser for CPO Selectees. Unfortunately the other Chief Selectee did not get out of doing duty so John Smith had to do everything on his own. So I called in some reinforcements (thanks my favorite family of five) and the boys and I were off to help daddy!!!! It was not a great fundraiser but we are going to be doing more this weekend. We are having a garage sale on Sat. and John Smith will be washing cars again at Texas Roadhouse on Blanding on Sat afternoon. I am praying that he well make lots of money this weekend and that his partner in crime will step up to the plate and help.

Life has gotten back to normal around here now that everyone is home and in their rightful place!!!! The boys went back to school today and there were no flood works coming from either of them. Meeko just walked into his class and never looked back. He is learning so much and enjoying every minute he is at school. While the boys were at school I started cleaning my house and getting ready for John Smith's mother (lovingly called Mammaw by the boys) to come on Sat. and for my parents to come on Monday for John Smith's pinning. Life will be busy around here this next week!!! So put on your roller skates and come along for the ride.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurry Up And Wait Game

On Wednesday my wonderful boys went up to Tally to stay with my parents,Geegee and Geedaddy, because everyone thought that Hanna was heading our way. You see if we have any kind of tropical storm or hurricane heading toward us John Smith must pull out to sea with the ship and I am required to be on call for the hospital so that leaves the boys to fend for themselves. ( Like that would really happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now that Hanna has bypassed us I want to go get my boys but we are now playing the hurry up and wait game with Hurricane Ike. I am so ready to see Meeko's red hair and Flit's contagious smile but don't want to get them until I know if Ike is coming our way. As of last night the weather people had three possible tracks that Mr.Ike could go!!!! John Smith is to hear today if they have to pull out to get away from the storm which we don't want because that would mean that he would be gone until November. I am so tired of waiting to see what a storm is going to do to decide what to do with my life.

I know my boys are being well taking care of and rather spoiled by their grandparents!!!!! My parents will never know how much I appreciate them and love them for being willing to help out at a moments notice. When they are there they are the center of attention for not only my parents but for their Aunt Ollie, her girls, and Aunt Stacy. Even though I know they are being more then well taken care of I miss them like crazy.

As of the last projected path Ike looks like he is going to miss us so once we hear from John Smith's bosses we ( or just me) will be going to pick up my indians. I will keep you up dated on the HURRY UP AND WAIT GAME!!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to Our Family

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY'S STORY!!!!!! I started blogging a little over a year and a half ago just about what it was like being a left behind navy wife but I have decided that it was just to depressing for me to keep that blog up to date. So now I have decided to start this new blog about our family and all the exciting things going on in our lives.

Our family's story is going to be told through the characters of Pocohonas which might explain the name of this blog. Daddy-John Smith, Mommy- Pocohonas, first born-Nakoma, middle child-Meeko, and youngest child-Flit. John Smith is currently a Chief Select in the United States Navy and on Sept. 16th will be become an official Chief. I am (Pocohonas) a RN parttime and a fulltime mom. Nakoma has just started middle school and is 11 yrs old. Nakoma is John's first child from a previous marriage but I love her just as if I had given birth to her. Nakoma lives with her mom fulltime but visits often. Meeko is 3 yrs. old and keeps us all on our toes. Flit is 9mos. old and so laid back that you almost forget he is around most of the time.

John Smith and I dated when we were in highschool but went our seperate ways after high school only to meet up again five years later. We have been married for 5yrs now and have enjoyed almost every moment of our rollercoaster ride we call marriage. John Smith has been gone quite a lot over the last three years so we try to enjoy every moment we have together. We are trying to raise our children in a Christain home and hope that our children will grow up with a desire to know God personally. John Smith and I want our children to not only know that they are loved but feel that they are loved.

I can't wait to begin updating everyone about all the things our children and our family will be doing. So please stay tuned........ the chiefs will be back.