Friday, October 17, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Last weekend my friend H and I took the boys to a Pumpkin Patch in Tallahassee and they had a blast. Meeko was amazed by the all the differents shapes,sizes and colors of the pumpkins. Flit was just amazed by everything going on around him. I had a blast just watching their reactions to everything. I will be taking them to a pumpkin carving party next weekend and plan to have a lot of pictures to post.

By the way we still have not recieved our paper orders yet and I am getting more and more frustrated as the time goes by. Please continue to pray we will recieve our orders very soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not A Nasty Rumor.........

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to return to they blog world but life here has been extremely stressful. Let me first say the John Smith is now an official Navy Chief and his pinning went off wonderfully.

As you read the title of this post " Not A Nasty Rumor...." you must wondering what is Pocahontas talking about. Well, just before pinning John Smith advised me that there was a possibility we would be transferring to duty stations sooner then I had expected. When I say sooner then I expected I mean I was expecting to move in around 18 mths. and now we could be moving in the next 2-3 mths. Right after pinning I found out this was not a nasty rumor but a fact that we were moving to Virginia. However we don't a hard copy off John Smith's orders so we have no idea when the move will be taking place. This makes things very stressful for me because I have no idea how long we have to pack, get things ready, or even when to put the house on the market to sale/rent. This makes me very nervous and I am a ready to run away. I ask that you all start praying that we get some answers soon and that God will provide for us. Please pray that the house will rent/sale soon and that everything will go smoothly. I am not looking foward to moving but as navy wife I knew this was going to happen.

On top of the "Not A Nasty Rumor" stress John Smith left two days after his pinning on deployment for almost 2 mths., work has changed my schedule back the working 7p-7a, and both the boys have been very sick. Flit has had pneumonia and a chronic ear infection that has now lasted 4wks. Flits has been on 4 different antibiotics and this ear infection the 4th one since June. We have visited an ENT and he will be having surgery on Nov. 4th!!!! Can see the trend with the number 4. Meeko has bronchitis and a double ear infections.The boys are both on the mend at this time think God. I have not had both boys sick at the same time and when John was gone!!!! They are both now with my parents during the week so I can work at night and I travel to see them on the weekend. I am very grateful to my parents and know that are in the best hands. However I can't help feeling like a crappy mom and miss them so much when they aren't here. One of my good friend pointed out that God doesn't give us more then when can handle and I am holding this to heart because I don't know how much more I can take right now.

I promise I will post in a more timely manner. Thank you for your support and prayers.