Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meeko's Laughter

Today we have had a good day!!! We got up and messed around the house for a little bit this morning and then went to the mall for some shopping. The boys were great at the mall and everything I went to get I was able to find at great deals.

We then had to go to the boys Doctor for a flu shot for Meeko and a check up for Flit(he has been running a low grade fever since Tuesday). Flit just has virus (no ear infections)and Meeko was not so excited about his shot. I tried to warn him prior to getting it but he still was not happy. He did a great job and only cried a little. Since Meeko was a such a brave boy mommy promised to get him a movie. He decided he want the movie Wall-E so we went to Wally World and picked it up on the way home. He has now watched it twice and is absolutely in love with it. The best part is his contagious laughter at certain parts. I loved to hear his laughter a lot more then his crying.

Since Meeko just flew into my room butt naked with a balloon bouquet(left over from Flit's birthday)I better let you go. Please pray for John Smith he is on his way home and should be back here by Sunday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flit's First Birthday Part 2

This weekend we had another party for Flit in Tally at GeeGee's and Geedaddy's house. We had our friends and family there to celebrate. We had a blast catching up with family and the kids had fun bouncing around.
The theme for this party was Cars so Aunt Ollie and Aunt Tacey decided to borrow some decorations from the church VBS closet so that it would look like a race track inside GeeGee's house. I had to work the night before so Aunt Ollie,Aunt Tacey, and GeeGee had to do most of the decorating and food prep for the party!!! Thank you to everyone for all their help.

Flit once again knew exactly what to do with his cake!!! He is so adorably and such a mess at the same time. He also got great gifts from everyone. We are going to have a great time playing with all his new toys.

The best part of this weekend is that I got some great pictures of the boys together. They are getting so big and I can't believe they are growing so fast.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Flit's First Birthday Part 1

Flit's first birthday was yesterday so we had a little get together with our friends in Jax. We will be having his big party next weekend at GeeGee and Geedaddy's house. Aunt Tacey came from Tally to spend the weekend with us and was (as always) a tremendous help with our little get together.

Flit had a blast with his presents. He got some really great toys to play with just ask Meeko.

Aunt S made Flit a big cupcake cake for his party and it was beautiul. Flit loved having everyone sing to him. He did not need any guidance in what to do with the cake and dug right in. Flit spent about hour eating his cake and was mess from head to toe. All in all I think Flit had a great birthday and can't wait to his big party this weekend.

Flit's First Hair Cut

Flit had his first haircut on Friday afternoon at Cookie Cutter. He did so well and did not cry once. My little Flit does not look like a baby any more which makes Pocahontas very sad.

Ear Tubes, Stitches, and Halloween

Life here in our little tribe has been quite busy lately!!! I have several post I keep putting off because of time but here goes.

Little Flit finally got ear tubes placed on Oct.29 and has been wonderful ever since. The surgery went really well and was over very quickly. We went for our postop appointment and everything looks great. Little Flit has become more mobile and talkative since the surgery. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Meeko decided the day after Flit's surgery that Flit was getting to much attention so he decided to send us to ER for stitches.( I am don't think it was intetional)GeeGee was vaccuming when Meeko decided he desperatly needed juice and in the mist of his running to the kitchen he trip over the cord landing him right into the side of the island in our kitchen. Blood was everywhere so off to the ER we went. Two stitches and an emergency dentist appt. later all was better.

Stitches and surgery did not keep my boys down for long. They had a blast trick or treating with GeeGee and Geedaddy while mommy worked. I have to say my boys make the cutest pumpkin and gingerbread man ever.