Monday, November 10, 2008

Flit's First Birthday Part 1

Flit's first birthday was yesterday so we had a little get together with our friends in Jax. We will be having his big party next weekend at GeeGee and Geedaddy's house. Aunt Tacey came from Tally to spend the weekend with us and was (as always) a tremendous help with our little get together.

Flit had a blast with his presents. He got some really great toys to play with just ask Meeko.

Aunt S made Flit a big cupcake cake for his party and it was beautiul. Flit loved having everyone sing to him. He did not need any guidance in what to do with the cake and dug right in. Flit spent about hour eating his cake and was mess from head to toe. All in all I think Flit had a great birthday and can't wait to his big party this weekend.

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