Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flit's First Birthday Part 2

This weekend we had another party for Flit in Tally at GeeGee's and Geedaddy's house. We had our friends and family there to celebrate. We had a blast catching up with family and the kids had fun bouncing around.
The theme for this party was Cars so Aunt Ollie and Aunt Tacey decided to borrow some decorations from the church VBS closet so that it would look like a race track inside GeeGee's house. I had to work the night before so Aunt Ollie,Aunt Tacey, and GeeGee had to do most of the decorating and food prep for the party!!! Thank you to everyone for all their help.

Flit once again knew exactly what to do with his cake!!! He is so adorably and such a mess at the same time. He also got great gifts from everyone. We are going to have a great time playing with all his new toys.

The best part of this weekend is that I got some great pictures of the boys together. They are getting so big and I can't believe they are growing so fast.


Curly said...

Baby B and I had a great time at the party! We love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm where is my shout out! Gosh no "Great time seeing my favorite sister and her chocolate booty" :) LOVE you!