Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meeko's Laughter

Today we have had a good day!!! We got up and messed around the house for a little bit this morning and then went to the mall for some shopping. The boys were great at the mall and everything I went to get I was able to find at great deals.

We then had to go to the boys Doctor for a flu shot for Meeko and a check up for Flit(he has been running a low grade fever since Tuesday). Flit just has virus (no ear infections)and Meeko was not so excited about his shot. I tried to warn him prior to getting it but he still was not happy. He did a great job and only cried a little. Since Meeko was a such a brave boy mommy promised to get him a movie. He decided he want the movie Wall-E so we went to Wally World and picked it up on the way home. He has now watched it twice and is absolutely in love with it. The best part is his contagious laughter at certain parts. I loved to hear his laughter a lot more then his crying.

Since Meeko just flew into my room butt naked with a balloon bouquet(left over from Flit's birthday)I better let you go. Please pray for John Smith he is on his way home and should be back here by Sunday.

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Mrs. B said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. We are hopeful all went well.

You have some beautiful boys!!